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Meet Captain Chris Davy

Meet Captain Chris Davy and Southern Fried Charters

Meet Captain Chris Davy, the seasoned and skilled leader of Southern Fried Charters. With years of experience navigating the waters of Steinhatchee, Captain Chris is renowned for his extensive knowledge of local fishing spots and marine life. His passion for fishing and dedication to providing exceptional experiences turn every trip with Southern Fried Charters into a memorable adventure. Guiding anglers of all skill levels, Captain Chris ensures that each guest leaves not only with a great catch but also with unforgettable stories.

Captain Chris Davy's lifelong passion for fishing began in his childhood in Nashville, TN, where he honed his skills in local ponds and creeks. His pursuit of larger catches started in his teens aboard the Honey Chile in Sarasota/Longboat Key, Florida, marking the beginning of his dream to become a professional fisherman. This ambition led him to compete in kingfish tournaments in the mid-90s. By 2012, Captain Chris expanded his horizons by hosting the Southern Sportsman Radio Show in Flagler County, a role he embraced for eight years. His career as a guide and captain with Southern Fried Charters is not just a profession but a calling. For Captain Chris, being a fishing guide is about more than monetary rewards; it's about the freedom of the open water and the joy of sharing his deep-rooted love for fishing with others. His greatest reward comes from creating unforgettable experiences for people, leaving them with cherished memories and stories to share. This, to Captain Chris, is the true value of his work – a priceless occupation.

Captain Chris Davy is versatile in his fishing approach, catering to a wide range of preferences and techniques. He understands that while some anglers prefer artificial lures, this method isn’t always universally effective. His expertise lies in adapting each fishing trip to the skill levels of his customers. For instance, a trip with a family and young children is approached differently compared to one with experienced anglers. His primary objective is to ensure that all his guests are placed in the best possible situation to catch fish, have a great time, and thoroughly enjoy their day on the water.

For an unparalleled Steinhatchee fishing experience, look no further than Southern Fried Charters. Whether you're interested in fishing charters in Steinhatchee, Florida, or seeking the best in charter fishing Steinhatchee, FL has to offer, Captain Chris Davy and Southern Fried Charters have got you covered.

Boat Details

Our Sundance skiff is renowned for its reliability and performance for inshore trips. With a capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 5 persons, this boat measures 20 feet in length, making it ideal for navigating various water conditions. Built in 2004, and equipped with a Honda engine. The boat is powered by a single 90HP motor, ensuring a smooth and efficient cruising experience at speeds of up to 30 knots. These characteristics make our boats perfect for both leisurely day trips and more adventurous fishing excursions.

We also run a 32 foot Donzi that we use primarily for our River Cruises and Sunset Tours. This boat comes equipped with two, three hundred horsepower engines and provides a great experience for up to 10 guests.

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30 Years of Experience

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Nature / Wildlife Views
Saltwater Fishing
Live Bait
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Water and ice

Spinning rods

Florida saltwater fishing license

Inshore Fishing


please bring your camera

weather appropriate clothing

Expect to see a wide variety of wildlife

enjoy a calming experience on the water


Your own gear or |ucky charm (if you'd like)

Snacks (NO bananas please)

Beer, etc. (is okay with the captain just don't become a knucklehead)

The captain doesn't smoke but "smoke em if you got em"